Angels 4 Siberians...Who We Are...How You Can Help!

We are a small rescue that operates out of our homes with our own funds and we are dedicated to giving misplaced, abused, abandoned and otherwise unwanted animals a second chance for a caring, healthy, peaceful life. Angels4Siberians rescues dogs from immediate peril (kill shelters, abuse, neglect, etc.). We then rehabilitiate them physcially, socially and emotionally as well as starting their training on the road to being a happy, loving, (sometimes obedient), member of their new family.  After requiring a thorough screening process to match these pets to a new prospective, loving family we hope that we have done all we can to find them an absolutely perfect, forever home. There are some of our rescues that have disabilities and abuse issues which can probably never be rehomed and they will be provided loving sanctuary for the rest of their natural lives. If you would like to sponsor one these special angels, just send us an email or give us a call. If you can't adopt, please consider being a foster parent or sponsor so that we can save additional lives! We receive NO government or any other grant funding! A4S is staffed entirely by volunteers and the adoption fees and donations are used to vet, vaccinate, spay/neuter, care for and rehabilitate the rescued pets as well as saving more!!!

Here is the way some of your donations can be used:

$10 pays for a rabies vaccine

$25 pays for a rabies shot and heartworm test

$75 pays full physical and all vaccines

$100 pays for an adult spay/neuter (all of our animals are sterilized before being adopted out)

$125 pays for full vetting and spay/neuter for an adult dog or one month of meds and food

 Please contact us: